WordPress custom plugin

Able to execute custom logic if available plugins cannot be customized to suit your needs! However, not good enough to profit from this.

Java Programming

I've coded in Java since I was in polytechnic!
Does this count as 8 years of Java experience?

Web Development with Laravel Framework

I've just learned how to develop a web application using Laravel in this semester!
This website is actually the product of our project!

I want to try learning how to play the piano! Piano lessons are expensive and I don't know if I want to commit to joining one.

If you know how to play (even if only one piece), and is patient to teach someone new, and don't mind the horrible noise that I will create, send me an offer!

I will gladly teach you one of my skills if you are interested, or return you any favor that is within my capabilities!


I want to learn how to invest and trade, but I have no idea where or how to start! Would appreciate if you can guide me and provide me with any tips & tricks from your personal experience!

Will probably begin in May, after my university final examinations

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